Understand the basics of Radiation –

Firstly it is really important to understand that not all Electromagnetic – EM Radiation is bad for you. The natural world produces electromagnetic fields but these are low in intensity, apart from the sun but it’s very distance affords us protection from the intensity of its rays. Exposure to the harmful effects of radiation is governed by distance, strength and length of exposure.

The naturally produced very low level EM radiation produced by nature will not harm you even over a life-time. However, as we are exposing ourselves to more and more high and ‘low’ level man-made radiation through technological advancements it makes sense that we should try and minimise the length of exposure or put measures in place to disperse or neutralise the effects. The so called low level radiation is still way higher than natural radiation and therefore needs to be regulated.

“ It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity”

Albert Einstein

There are two main types of EM radiation in the Electromagnetic Spectrum

Many argue that it is only ionizing radiation that carries danger emerging scientific evidence supports the fact that non-ionizing radiation from technologies using radio frequencies and microwaves [by mobile phones] have just as much potential for harm.

So going back to looking at the problem in terms of distance, strength and length of exposure; you can see that it doesn’t take long for the high level intense exposure you receive from these new technologies [using non-ionizing radiation] to have an adverse effect on you. Basically the stronger the emission the quicker you will be harmed but coming into contact with a lower intensity device for a longer period will have equally devastating effects, it will just take a little longer for them to be realised, as is the case with the almost daily reports being published showing long term exposure to mobile phones is only now up twenty years down the line from when they became affordable to the masses.

Unless you are fortunate to live miles from anywhere with no mobile phone mast in the vicinity, and no near neighbours using wi-fi or other EM Radiation emitting equipment, you are constantly being bombarded with Electromagnetic Radiation.

em radiation elecromagnetic spectrum table

Make Changes to your environment

Now we’ve given you a crash course in understanding the types of radiation and long term exposure problems associated with them you might want to take a look at making some simple changes to the ways and habits surrounding your use of everyday items in and around the home.

Change your Phone Habits

Switch to using a landline in the home instead of a mobile and make sure it is the old fashioned type with a cord on it. Unfortunately the majority of cordless work on DECT [Digital European Cordless Telephone] technology. This means that both the handset and the phone itself are emitting pulsed radiation so you’re still filling your house with unnecessary emissions.

Swedish research has concluded that cordless phones actually raise the risk of developing cancer!! Find link to the research article

There are some low radiation cordless phones available [ECO DECT phones from Siemens are one option]

But if you really want to go for a cordless phone use an analogue rather than a digital one as they ‘only’ emit radiation during the call.

Avoid Using a Cell, Mobile, Smartphone

One of the not so known facts is that using a phone in a bad signal area causes the phone to boost its power and therefore the amount of radiation being emitted in an attempt to get good reception and signal. So if certain parts of the house have a better signal, move to them whilst taking a call as you will be exposing yourself to less radiation.

There are many common sense things you can do to reduce your exposure to cell, mobile and smartphone radiation along with that from tablet technology as well.

  • All manufacturers recommend keeping the phone some distance from your ear or head when using it. Unfortunately they all vary in the distance they recommend and all have varying SAR rates [not that we believe any rate to be safe]. Take a look at your phone’s manual to find their recommendations.
  • Keep conversations to a minimum. Rather than talking for ages why not send an email [from a hard wired computer] or phone back from a corded landline when you are able. There are very few instance where a conversation is that vital that you should put your health at risk.
  • Use Radiation Free headphones or earphones to make and receive calls and keep the phone in a RF case or place a neutraliser on it.
  • Turn the phone off at night or leave it in another room. Even if you are not using the phone it has many functions that are constantly working in the background and emitting radiation. Alternatively you could switch it to “airplane mode” to shut down the cellular activity.
  • Text rather than talk. When you text you naturally hold the phone further away from you which lessens the exposure to radiation

Keep Children Safe

Its simple…. Don’t let children use smartphones and tablets !! Children’s skulls are much thinner than that of adults and they absorb a much higher level of radiation when exposed to it. Statistics are now emerging that show the rates of adults with brain tumours is growing largely due to the fact that the emerging adult generation grew up with access to mobile phones and other devices. Unless awareness is raised we can only expect to see a rise in the instance of brain cancer still further.

Travel Safety

Using a mobile phone when you are travelling is dangerous not just in terms of using it when driving but because when moving, the phone has to put out a stronger signal in order to maintain a connection to the signal. So not only are you putting yourself at risk when you’re driving [on hands free] or travelling in a bus or train for instance, but you are also putting those around you at a higher risk.

Say no to Smart Meters in your home

Far from saving money and helping us to monitor usage of electricity, gas and water; there are many real health concerns surrounding the installation of Smart Meters. The constant barrage of EM Radiation waves is dangerous. There are many good sites out there that will give up to date information such as Stop Smart Meters http://stopsmartmeters.org.uk/

If you feel strongly enough you might want to put your name to a petition to Downing Street  https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/we-do-not-consent-to-smart-meters

Hard wire your home Internet

Hard wiring isn’t as expensive as you might think and not only will you be protecting yourself from the microwave radiation being emitted from the wireless router, you will have a much more stable and stronger signal.

Most modern routers are dual purpose and can be used wired or wireless and your internet provider will more than likely help you with setting it up. However, if you only have mobile devices such as i-pad to get on to the web rather than a PC or Laptop it might prove unworkable for you. This link shows how to connect an i-pad with Ethernet cables; we haven’t tried it but it might be worth a shot http://www.stopsmartmeters.org.nz/latest-news/how-to-connect-to-the-internet-with-an-ipad-with-ethernet-cables/

Think twice about an Electric or Hybrid Car

Hybrid and electric cars may be cancer-causing as they emit extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic fields (EMF). Recent studies of the EM Radiation emitted by these automobiles have claimed either that they pose a cancer risk for the vehicles’ occupants or that they are safe. Source: https://www.saferemr.com/2014/07/shouldnt-hybrid-and-electric-cars-be-re.html 

The New York times has highlighted the worry about electromagnetic fields generated by hybrids and electric cars. There is even a report of a lady who claims that driving her hybrid car 200 miles/day while working raised her blood pressure leading to her falling asleep at the wheel several times.