Electric and Hybrid Cars safe

Diesel is Dangerous but are the Alternatives Safe?

We read in the papers almost every day that Diesel is Dangerous, but everyone seems to have forgotten about the destructive problems of petrol emissions to the atmosphere. Now the Buzz Words is Hybrid and Electric Cars, with the government pledging that there will be no petrol or diesel cars by 2040. Has anyone asked are Electric and Hybrid Cars safe? Do people really understand the problems associated with constant exposure to radiation. Read our page on EMF Exposure  https://thinkhealthful.com/emf-exposure/

High EMR Levels in Hybrid and Electric Cars

What if Hybrid and electric cars cause cancer because they emit extremely low frequency electromagnetic radiation or (EMR). EMR that is essentially magnetic fields  dangerous to the human form. There have been many studies concerning EMR, but very few on the emissions from automobiles. Either way, the tests that have been conducted claim that they may cause a cancer risk for those traveling in the vehicles. Understandably the financially connected fraternity ignore this and suggest that Electric and Hybrid Cars safe.

The sparse research that has been conducted on this issue, has been funded by the companies that will want to sell the products to the general public; all with vested financial interests. The past is littered with devastating problems that have been caused by greed. The statins killer propaganda, asbestos, the smoking killer, the petrol polluter and the diesel killer to name but a few.

ICNIRP guidelines flawed in saying Electric and Hybrid Cars safe

EMR recommendations were initially collected by the biased International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection or (ICNIRP) and did very little to protect health. It appears that if EMR measurements do not exceed the ICNIRP guidelines everyone is safe, but the data is so flawed that occupants of hybrid and electric vehicles can be proven to be at an increased risk of cancer and several other health problems will also occur over time. The fact is that the ICNIRP data comes nowhere near to showing the dangers, as there were profitable reasons to ignore those facts.

Specific magnetic fields were long ago proven to be “carcinogenic” in humans by the International Agency for Research on Cancer of the World Health Organization, who advised that the designers of consumer products should minimize consumer exposure to ELF EMR, but didn’t really give any guidance as to how much it should be. This should have, but did not apply to hybrid and electric vehicles, even though drivers and their passengers were bound to spend considerable amounts of time in these vehicles. The health risks were known to increase with constant exposure providing what could be loosely termed as the microwave effect.

“In January, 2014, SINTEF, the largest independent research organization in Scandinavia, proposed manufacturing design guidelines that could reduce the magnetic fields in electric vehicles”.  All automobile manufacturers should follow these guidelines to make electric and hybrid cars safe; and ensure their customers’ safety. Unfortunately no one does because no one has been given the data!

Mathematically the ICNIRP guidelines for maximum exposure to electromagnetic fields come nowhere near protecting the occupant of an electric vehicle from serious health risks.

Sitting in an Electric or Hybrid car is like sitting in a Microwave

The simple fact is that Passengers inside an electric or hybrid vehicle will be exposed to low frequency EMR at dangerous levels if you compared them with conventional vehicles or other daily exposures combined. See image below where quite clearly passengers are sitting on a bed of batteries.

Image courtesy of Alternative Energy News

For the facts behind EMR and electric cars these articles are real eye openers.



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