Mother Nature knew all about balance

And she was doing a pretty good job until we all got ‘clever’ and started to mess things up.

its all about balance

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

Albert Einstein

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”

Isaac Newton’s words, not mine; but he certainly knew what he was talking about!

If we’d paid more attention to that opposite reaction we might not be in quite such a mess, because that ‘opposite reaction’ is invariably destructive.

You’ve only got to look at the modern day wonder products that are now becoming demonised, to know that had we balanced our use of them we wouldn’t be over-run by plastic mountains, microbeads in our rivers and oceans, pollution wouldn’t be at the levels it is and the human race would be far healthier it it had gone down the route of a balanced diet rather than gluttony.

We learn from mistakes but its better not to make them in the first place

So now we’ve all woken up in the first quarter of the 21st century and recognised that we’re on a path to total destruction if we don’t do something about it; we need to also be sure that we don’t make any more mistakes in the future. Or to be more precise we need to make sure that in trying to put right the problems of today, we don’t make further problems for the future because we haven’t checked that the ‘solution’ is safe!

A case in point would be depletion of the Ozone layer caused by CFCs.

When it was found they were damaging the atmosphere it took many years to put legislation in place for safe disposal; but 30 years on from the original discovery of the hole in the ozone layer and we find it is now receding. Wouldn’t it have been better if the manufacturers or inventors had looked at is full potential to include its disposal before releasing it on to the market – i.e. look at the opposite reaction?

The list goes on in terms of catastrophic mistakes, from cigarettes to asbestos, cfc’s to plastic, even the substitute HCFC and HFC are now known to be greenhouse gases. BPA free products have their own hidden dangers, as does vaping. Sugar is bad for us; but many of the artificial heavily processed substitutes such as saccharin, aspartum and sucralose are positively dangerous, with some being linked to cancers, thyroid disfunction and liver problems.  

Man needs to walk hand in hand with ‘mother’ nature

The common link to 99% of problems on this planet of ours is Man. Most of these problems are man-made and unfortunately only man can get us out of it again; as long as he walks hand in hand with Mother Nature.

Nature alone can’t solve these problems, its all about balance. Man on one side, nature on the other in balance and harmony much like a child’s see-saw. Nature is a great healer and given time and a little help from us with small changes we can put this planet back on the right track. If we question the nature of what we are doing, take the most natural approach, and consider the environmental effects we can restore balance.

Think Healthful.