radiation from everyday electrical gadgets

Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields

Do you ever think about the danger of radiation from everyday electrical gadgets? Probably not. We have understood for a long time, that exposure to electromagnetic fields over an extended period is dangerous to practically every human and animal on the planet. Yet despite the emergence of these facts; environmental exposure to commercially produced electromagnetic fields has dramatically escalated as people demand more and more electrical gadgets to play with. The speed and growth of these numerous technologies has predictably changed our social behaviour, and created long term health problems; many of which have yet to fully manifest themselves. Not to mention the decline of  general academic standards and social abilities. Tech and manufacturing companies are now competing in a never ending race to produce an overflow of artificial electromagnetic sources for profit, regardless of the consequences ahead.

Electromagnetic Radiation

Electromagnetic [EM] Radiation in its natural form, quite literally takes a lifetime to cause any damage, at the end of which we come to our passing. It is formed by a natural process and is at the very core of our being.  Millions of minute electrical currents flow throughout every human body, created by the constant chemical reactions necessary to power our complex day to day lives. Our nerve endings send millions of transmissions in the form of electrical impulses (motor neurons), which govern our biological reactions  such as digesting food. They control every brain requirement we need to make, using a system of automatic scheduling in an array of very small charged particles.

If you think about it, every human heart must also be driven with electrical impulses as it relentlessly beats for up to 100 years without breaking or stopping, as long as we learn what is good and what is bad for us to pump through it.  It’s not knowing what is good or bad that brings about premature death.

Low-frequency Electromagnetic Fields affect the Human Body,

Although many prominent figures dispute the idea that long term exposure to low frequency Electromagnetic Fields [EMF] causes problems to the , none come up with conclusive evidence to back up their opinions. It is widely considered that it is probably driven by commercial greed in much the same way as the sugar barons denied that sugar was dangerous. In the same way and as further proof these electromagnetic fields can also affect any other matter that is made up from tiny induced charged particles (you and me).

Even more proof suggests that when such fields react to other conductive materials, they can change the distribution and therefore the amount of electrical charges that exist in their makeup. As a consequence this will always cause an electrically driven particle river to run through the body and back to the ground we stand on, this is the process of grounding or make an earth connection. Like it or not we are all engulfed in constant clouds of electromagnetic fog, and those with open minds recognise and admit that it is dangerous.

Low-frequency magnetic fields can and do produce modulating currents which pass throughout everyone’s body, and the damaging effect of these currents depend on the strength of the magnetic field that produced them. If these currents are large enough, they will cause an over active stimulation of nerves and muscles, and by doing so affect almost every biological process in our bodies with long term serious consequences if not checked.

How many heart attacks could have been prevented? How many cancers could have been averted? How many illnesses could have been eradicated? The government knew years ago that sugar was dangerous for us but the Sugar Barons prevented the facts from leaking out, we all knew that smoking was dangerous years ago yet adverts were stuck on racing cars and smoking was relentlessly advertised as an essential social behaviour.

It’s time to make changes to your lifestyle, even if you can’t make all of them you will still be making a difference.

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