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Say NO to Smart Meters – You Can and Should

Low Initial take up Figures

Take up figures for smart meter installation have been low with only around 5% of households taking advantage of free installation. Sadly its not because people say no to smart meters, its because of government red-tape combined with the inefficiency of the companies trying to roll out the units.

In 2010 around 3% of UK households had installed so called ‘Smart Meters’. Latest figures [if they can be believed] are that this has risen to around 5%. We’re glad that its taking so long because it may give the campaigners against smart meters more time to make people aware of the real dangers associated with them.

Q: Are we legally bound to have Smart Meters installed?

When asked if you can Refuse A Smart Meter; Which? Consumer Rights give a clouded on the fence answer. In the first instance saying that you have the right to refuse but they then go on to say “But be aware that if your energy company has contacted you to change your energy meter to a smart meter because your current meter needs replacing (i.e. it’s too old), then you should get it replaced as it could be a safety hazard not to.”

This is quite clearly a statement designed to steer the reader into thinking they may be in danger from their old meter and it is playing right in to the hands of the installers by giving credence to them when they will undoubtedly play the “your meter is too old and needs to be replaced” card. To then go on and say that it can’t be replaced by a similar one because they are no longer available.

They say that there is the option to install but to turn off the ‘smart’ side of things to effectively make it ‘dumb’ but we at Crysta don’t for a minute believe this is the end of it. There is already speculation about being able to hack into smart appliances to steal data and don’t for a minute think that he power companies will leave it at that. They will continually pressurise people to have them switched back on. Bombarding them with data about how much they could have saved on fuel bills if the smart element was enabled.

Ofgem are a little more succinct in their information and quite rightly advise that you can contact the Citizens Advice consumer lines if your supplier says you must have one. Like Which, they do however mention turning off the smart functionality.

Hopefully the current delay will offer further opportunity for the tireless campaigning by organisations such as Stop Smart Meters UK to educate the general public as to the reasons why they shouldn’t have one installed.

Health Risks

The health risks are really real and unlike other harmful electromagnetic radiation sources such as mobile phones, tablets, wi-fi routers etc.; you can’t power them down in order to limit exposure. Once switched on, the utility companies will insist they are on 24/7 and you won’t be able to switch them off, meaning you will be under constant bombardment. And don’t think that because it isn’t located in your bedroom that you will be ok whilst sleeping; the em will penetrate walls effectively. Those living in apartment blocks or terraced housing also face being bombarded by smart meters from other properties even if they don’t have on in their own household. More reason to say no to smart meters.

Say NO to Smart Meters

For those who are still sceptical; read this interesting, well written and informative article by Lynne Wycherley writing for The Ecologist,  supported by real facts and figures from eminent doctors and scientists in their fields.

“What struck me most was the common time-line: normal people, strange new symptoms, who only later discovered that a smart meter had been installed … Upon inquiry, they found out it had been installed at the time or just before their symptoms initiated.”

Dr Richard Conrad – Biochemist

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